How to Make Crêpe Recipe

The best ultra-thin homemade Crêpe Recipe with perfectly crispy edges. They’re also super easy to make – perfect for any crepe-making first-timers.

Crêpe Recipe

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What goes in  Crêpe?

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Key Ingredients: – whole milk  – eggs  – butter  – vanilla extract – all-purpose flour – sugar Swipe up for the full list!

To make a smooth batter, combine milk, eggs, butter, and vanilla in one bowl, and in another bowl, mix flour, sugar, and salt. Slowly blend the wet mixture into the dry one, whisking continuously to remove any lumps. Rest and chill the batter for 10-30 minutes to hydrate the flour completely.


How to Make Crêpe

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and lightly grease it with butter. Pour the batter into the pan, swirling it to create a thin, even layer. Cook until it's golden, the edges lift, and it sets. Flip the crepe gently with spatulas and cook for another minute on the other side, adjusting the heat to avoid burning.


How to Make Crêpe

After cooking each crepe, place it on a plate, and continue making more by greasing the pan before each one. You can serve the crepes with your preferred toppings if desired.


How to Make Crêpe

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