How to Make  Garlic Aioli

I call this my cheater garlic aioli recipe since we’re making it with store-bought mayonnaise.  Truthfully, I’m totally ok with that. Life is all about picking your battles and whipping and whisking together my own emulsified mayonnaise is a battle I do not wish to fight. Anyway, you may use whatever mayonnaise you’d like: regular, low-fat, olive oil mayo, avocado oil mayonnaise, vegan mayo. I don’t know, what am I missing? Making the actual aioli is super easy and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. In the end, you’ll have a sauce perfect for dipping all of your favorite side dishes, main dishes, and appetizers!

Garlic Aioli

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What Goes In Garlic Aioli

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Key Ingredients: – Mayonnaise – Fresh lemon juice – Garlic – Salt & Black pepper – Cayenne pepper Swipe up for the full list!

Start by mincing the garlic cloves. Next, continue to mince and mash with the side of your knife until your garlic resembles a thick paste (use a mortar and pestle if you own one).

How To Make Garlic Aioli


Transfer the garlic to a small bowl. Combine with all ingredients. Season to taste.


How To Make Garlic Aioli

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and transfer to the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or so before serving. This allows the flavors to marinate and settle.


How To Make Garlic Aioli

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