Easy Mexican Quinoa Casserole

- Ground Turkey - Onion  - Jalapeno Peppers  - Bell Peppers - Tomatoes - Canned Beans and Corn - Cilantro - Quinoa - Cheese

Mexican Quinoa Skillet Ingredients

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Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. and cook your quinoa according to package instructions. A couple of things to consider when making quinoa. Once it’s cooked, fluff and set aside until ready to use.

How to Make Mexican Quinoa Casserole


In your skillet cook your onions and brown your meat. Use any kind of meat or onion that you’d like! I wanted to keep this dish on the healthier side, so I chose ground turkey.

How to Make Mexican Quinoa Casserole


SEASON with whatever you want. I added taco seasoning, paprika, salt, and pepper. I didn’t want to overdo it and take-away from all the other flavors in the fish.

How to Make Mexican Quinoa Casserole


Add the jalapeño, garlic, tomatoes, and bell peppers, and then let it cook uncovered for at least 5-10 minutes or until most of the liquid pooling in the bottom of the skillet evaporates. Some liquid is OK, but we’re not making soup, so be patient here.

How to Make Mexican Quinoa Casserole


Add the drained corn, drained and rinsed black beans, cooked quinoa, and chopped cilantro. Mix well and continue to cook until just heated through. Remove the skillet from heat and stir in half of the shredded cheese. Sprinkle with chopped green onions and the remaining shredded cheese. When you’re ready to bake, tent with foil and transfer to the oven. Bake at 375 degrees F for approximately 20 minutes, or until cheese is melted.

How to Make Mexican Quinoa Casserole


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