The Best Chili Recipe

Thick, hearty, and delicious, it’s simple to make and only uses one pot.  It’s easy enough to make during the week for dinner, and impressive enough to feed a large crowd – you can’t go wrong with a big pot of this amazing chili!

Is Chili Easy To Make?

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Cook the bacon Once the bacon pieces are golden, remove the lid and allow your bacon pieces to cook until the desired doneness is reached. Cook the onion in the remaining tablespoon of bacon grease.

How to Make Chili


Put it all together Return the cooked bacon and ground beef to the pot. Add in tomato paste, kidney beans and broth.

How to Make Chili


Simmer Allow your chili to simmer over low heat for at least 20-30 minutes or up to an hour.

How to Make Chili


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