How to Make Waldorf Salad

The Waldorf salad was first created in 1896 in New York City by the Waldorf-Astoria’s maître d’hôtel, Oscar Tschirky, who developed (or at the very least inspired) many of the hotel’s most popular signature dishes. Originally, the dish came with just apples, celery, and mayonnaise. Now considered an integral part of this all-American salad, it wasn’t until later, sometime before 1928, that nuts (particularly walnuts) had been added.

Waldorf Salad

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What Goes In Waldorf Salad

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Key Ingredients: – Mayonnaise – Apples – Grapes – Walnuts Swipe up for the full list!

Combine the grapes, celery, apples, and walnuts in a large bowl. Toss to combine.

How To Make Waldorf Salad


In a separate bowl combine the mayonnaise and sugar.


How To Make Waldorf Salad

Add the mayonnaise and sugar mixture to the grape mixture and gently mix. Best served immediately.


How To Make Waldorf Salad

If you don’t plan on serving this Waldorf salad immediately, wait to add the chopped walnuts (or any other types of nuts) until just before serving. Nuts turn stale when refrigerated.


How To Make Waldorf Salad

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